Story of the Brand - Zett's story began in 2001 with the partnership of two life partners in business life. After 9 years of experience in villas, hotels, schools, office projects, architecture, engineering, interior and custom furniture design, it was seen in IMOB exhibition with its collection launched in 2010. Zett combines the amateur understanding coming from the workshop, its aggressive design line, details and quality with technology and engineering skills, and the products that are produced by Zett are in great demand both in the domestic and foreign market. Zett, which offers its customers the opportunity to design living spaces, not furniture, with its unique design approach that defies the mediocre, with its bold innovations in form and material selection, continues its one-lane race to become a world brand with the mission of “design the world, change the world”. While continuing the mass production life started in the factory located in Bursa Gürsu Organized Industrial Zone with its young, dynamic, intelligent and equipped technical staff, Zett is only days away from moving to his new factory which has its project and license phase done.


Timeline-2001-Zett was born in the heart of two aspiring teenagers who graduated from Istanbul Technical University. It soon grew into a brand that would grow at the heart of its customers with its aggressive lines and primary emphasis on details in design. The journey into becoming one of the world's biggest brands began in a workshop that produced personalized furniture and decoration ideas.


On the 9th anniversary of its founding, it was Zett Collection 2010 who won the hearts. It was presented to people in the high-quality furniture industry. Turning the design line into a trend line that the world is following, Zett kept on his production concept in the new factory, where it combined technology with subtle craftsmanship.


Drawing attention with its “design” focus on the annually launched collections, this time Zett has shown its experience in space design. The new store, launched under the brand name Zett Plus, claims to be more than a furniture store, like a concept of life.

In addition to the furniture collections within the complex, bringing together the inseparable parts of the home and living concept such as carpet, lightning, accessories, bed and paintings in language union and offering them to customers, this store provides you to save your time and a decoration which consists of compatible objects. Also, it meets the needs of the today's modern life concept and fast city life with its Italian Restaurant.